• Basic Programming
  • 2 Months
  • 10 to 15 Students per batch
Breif about MVC

Model–view–controller (MVC) is a software architectural pattern for implementing user interfaces on computers. It divides a given application into three interconnected parts. This is done to separate internal representations of information from the ways information is presented to, and accepted from, the user. The MVC design pattern decouples these major components allowing for efficient code reuse and parallel development.
MVC is preferred by all the top companies working on Microsoft technologies. As it is essential for web development plus helps in separation of concerns like Business logic, User interface and Database with better management of Code logic. It can be integrated with latest technologies for User interface like Angular 2 using Typescripting that is introduced by Microsoft itself to support ECMA script 6 standards. Also, introduction to Entity Framework, helping user to focus on C# code more then on Stored Procedures.
Learning centre is the best MVC training institute having its branch in Jagatpura, Jaipur. We provide complete hands on training including project development using industry best practices and design principles. The course structure provides best knowledge of C MVC in Jagatpura. Being among the top MVC coaching class in Jaipur provider by Industry Developers.
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Course Content for MVC

  • MVC Framework
  • net Framework
  • net Lifecycle
  • Structure
  • Why MVC
  • Separation of Concern
  • Introduction to controllers
  • Working of controllers
  • Mapping Controllers with URL’s
  • Asnyc Controllers
  • Introduction to Routing
  • Working on Routing
  • Creating custom route
  • Mapping Controllers with Routes
  • IIsApi extension
  • Introduction to Model
  • Why Model
  • Creating extendable Model Intelligently
  • Aggregating Model
  • Data Annotation
  • Introduction to HTML controls
  • Introduction to HTML5 Controls
  • Using HTML5 Controls
  • Using CSS3
  • Using javascript with views
  • Using jQuery
  • Core functionality of jQuery and functions
  • Selectors in jQuery
  • Dom manipulation in jQuery
  • jQuery Advance selectors
  • jQuery reusable component development
  • jQuery plugin development
  • jQuery UI Component
  • Using Advance UI controls
  • Customizing UI controls
  • Automating UI tasks
  • jQuery Templates
  • Debugging jQuery and javascript
  • Introduction to View
  • Using View
  • Razor syntax
  • Razor Programming
  • Strongly typed View
  • Partial View
  • Master Page
  • Introduction to Entity framework
  • Creating EFModel from Database
  • Creating Database from EFModel
  • Mapping Columns and table with Entity
  • Using entity
  • Declaring scope
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Intro to Localization and Globalization
  • Resource files
  • Creating Resource files
  • Testing Multi Language Support
  • Bundling
  • Minification
  • Area
  • Exception Handling
  • ViewBag
  • ViewData
  • TempData
  • Json
  • State Management
  • Cookies
  • Hidden
  • Testing Controllers
  • Creating Mock
  • Using Mock
  • Using NUnit tool
  • Using Entity framework / nHibernate
  • Defining relationship between Entityes
  • Using Repository pattern for database communication
  • Implementing Unit of Work with repository pattern
  • Fluent mapping
  • Repository Pattern
  • Paging
  • Fluent Validation
  • Server side validations
  • Data flow and Data quality checking
  • Introduction to Inversion on control
  • Dependency Injection
  • IOC container
  • Using IOC Container
  • Constructor Injection
  • Property Injection
  • Function Injection
  • Unity container
  • Ninject container
  • Structure Map container
  • Controller factory
  • Building and Loading containers
  • HTML5 Controls
  • Pro/Cons of HTML5
  • Introduction to Twitter bootstrap
  • Using twitter bootstrap
  • Using font Icons
  • Overriding default style
  • Advance Model
  • Creating reusable Models
  • Deep understanding of Model creation
  • Handling base Model
  • Working of Model Binding
  • Creating User controls
  • Handling Exception, common tasks, status and User details with Model
  • Automated Model binding
  • Introduction to caching
  • Type of caching
  • MVC default caching
  • Third party caching
  • Using different types of caching
  • Introduction to logging
  • Different type of logging
  • Logging and Notification
  • Introduction to project architecture
  • MVC architecture fundamentals
  • Organizing Code
  • Domain Driven Development fundamentals
  • Serialization
  • Testing Controllers
  • Introduction to Mock
  • Mock framework
  • Unit testing
  • NUnit testing
  • Testing Reports
  • How application debug
  • Different method to debug application
  • Introduction to Symbols and Metadata
  • Build configuration
  • Usage of build event
  • Handling Build events
  • xCopy deployment
  • FTP deployment
  • Automated deployment
  • Continues Integration
  • Installing IIs
  • Understanding working on IIs
  • IIsApi
  • Virtual directory
  • Creating local web server
  • Debugging local web server
  • Setting up git repository
  • Global Settings
  • User Settings
  • Working on repository
  • Working on Branch
  • Working with Tags
  • Taking and pushing latest code
  • Merge conflicts

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