C & C++
  • Basic Programming
  • 2 Months
  • 10 to 15 Students per batch
Breif about C

Learning center is counted among the best C & C++ Training Institute in Jagatpura, Jaipur. We are Best C& C++ coaching class in Jaipur providing training by Industrial Developers. The C language is versatile and flexible owing to which it is apt for a wide variety of programs. It forms the base for most of the modern languages like Java, JavaScript, php, Visual C++, etc. Hence, it is essential for those who are planning a career in computer programming. There are a number of computer languages which are used for writing computer applications, but the programming language C has an upper hand over most of the other languages because of its being robust, structured, high level and machine independent. We, at Learning Ceneter make sure that you learn each and every aspect of the programming language C and C++ and also get an industrial exposure at the same time.
The course provided by us includes:

Course Content for C

  • How C became
  • Getting to know the GNU C compiler
  • The basic anatomy of a C program
  • Base data types and their sizes
  • Constants and declarations
  • Variable names
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Relational and logical operators
  • Increment and decrement operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Expressions
  • Operator precedence
  • Casting and type conversion
  • if – else
  • switch
  • while , do-while and for-loops
  • Statements and blocks
  • Functions and function prototypes
  • Returning values from functions
  • External variables and scope rules
  • Static variables
  • call by value and recursion
  • Pointers and addresses
  • Pointers as arguments to functions
  • Arrays
  • The relationship of pointers and arrays
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • How C deals with multi-dimensional arrays
  • Arrays of pointers – their uses and initialization
  • Strings and string functions
  • Fundamentals of structures
  • Passing structures as arguments to functions
  • Returning structures as return values from functions
  • Arrays of structures
  • Pointers to structures
  • Using pointers to structures to pass values to a function and return values from a function
  • Typedef and its uses in developing well-structured and maintainable code
  • Sorting arrays of records
  • Allocating and freeing memory (malloc and free)
  • Linked lists and queues
  • Indexing (table lookup, binary trees, hashing)
  • Standard input and standard output
  • Formatted output – printf
  • Formatted input – scanf
  • File access and file, I/O
# Live Project
Breif about C++

C++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language based on the language C. It is powerful, efficient, compact and has a rich function library. Processes like exception handling, function overloading that are not supported by C are supported by C++. Furthermore, it also includes concepts like Polymorphism, Dynamic Binding, Data hiding, Operator encapsulation and inheritance. It's also a powerful, efficient and fast language so, keeping all that in mind the Learning Ceneter has prepared its course module which includes:

Course Content for C++

  • Some Remarks about Programming
  • The Origins of C++
  • Very Simple Input, Output and Assignment
  • Simple Flow of Control
  • Integers
  • Type Casting
  • Characters
  • Strings
  • User Defined Data Types
  • Enumerations
  • Where to put Constant and Variable Declarations
  • Shorthand Arithmetic Assignment Statements
  • Boolean Expressions and Operators
  • Constructors, Assignment, and Destructor
  • The Need for Sub-programs
  • User-defined Functions
  • Value and Reference Parameters
  • Polymorphism and Overloading
  • Procedural Abstraction and Good Programming
  • Splitting Programs into Different Files
  • Why Use Files?
  • Streams
  • Creating Streams
  • Connecting and Disconnecting Streams to Files
  • Checking for Failure with File Commands
  • Character Input and Output
  • Input using “get()”
  • Output using “put()”
  • The “putback()” Function
  • Checking for the End of an Input File
  • Streams as Arguments in Functions
  • Input and Output Using “>>” and “<< “
  • Boolean Values, Expressions and Functions
  • “For”, “While” and “Do … While” Loops
  • Multiple Selection and Switch Statements
  • Blocks and Scoping
  • A Remark about Nested Loop Statements
  • The Basic Idea and Notation
  • Declaring an array
  • Assignment Statements and Expressions with Array Elements
  • Arrays as Parameters in Functions
  • Sorting Arrays
  • Two-dimensional Arrays
  • Strings
  • The Sentinel String Character”
  • String Variable Declarations and Assignments
  • Some Predefined String Functions
  • String Input using “getline()”
  • Introducing Pointers
  • Assignments with Pointers Using the Operators “*” and “&”
  • The “new” and “delete” operators, and the constant “NULL”
  • Array Variables and Pointer Arithmetic
  • Dynamic Arrays
  • Linked Lists
  • The “.” and “->” Operators
  • Creating a Linked List
  • A Simple Example
  • The Mechanics of a Recursive Call
  • Recursion and Iteration
  • Simple Inheritance
  • Multilevel Inheritance
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Binding of Data and Functions
  • Overloading
  • Overloading functions
  • Early Binding versus Late Binding
  • Standard input and standard outputv
  • File access and file, I/O
# Live Project

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Learning Center is certified Training Organization run by highly technical qualified PROFESSIONALS associated with various Top Level MNCs having 5+ years of experience in various kinds of technologies.

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