Basis Web Designing
  • Basic Programming
  • 2 Months
  • 10 to 15 Students per batch

Course Content for Html CSS

  • ops Concept
  • What is HTML5?
  • How is HTML5 different from XHTML?
  • Drawbacks of XHTML
  • HTML5 future uses
  • Understanding HTML5 doctype
  • HTML5 Basic tags
  • HTML5 Advance Tags
  • Replacing XHTML Divs with HTML5 advance tags
  • Making a website template using HTML5
  • Fixing HTML5 compatibility issues in different browsers
  • Making HTML5 compatible in IE-8 and lesser using HTML5 SHIV
  • HTML5 custom data attributes
  • Holding custom data in HTML5 data attributes
  • Working with HTML5 data attributes and jQuery
  • Understanding HTML5 Canvas
  • Working with HTML5 Canvas using javascript and jQuery
  • Drawing runtime graphics and Animations using HTML5 Canvas
  • Playing with HTML5 canvas animations and characters using javascript and jQuery
  • Understanding CSS3
  • CSS3 Rounded Coners
  • CSS3 Box shadow properties
  • CSS3 Text Shadow properties
  • CSS3 Background Gradients
  • Clearfix using CSS3
  • Making beautiful buttons using CSS3
  • CSS3 advance selectors
  • CSS3 Transformations Properties
  • CSS3 Rotate, Translate, Skew, Scale properties
  • CSS3 transitions
  • CSS3 transitions delays
  • CSS3 transition functions
  • CSS3 keyframes
  • Animating webpages using CSS3
  • Mixing CSS3 and jQuery animations to create advance plugins
  • Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) Using CSS3
  • SVG Circle, Rectangle , Path, Animate Tags
  • Creating run time graphics using Css3 SVG
  • JQuery syntax
  • JQuery selectors
  • Creating, inserting, and manipulating web page content
  • JQuery predefined functions
  • Understanding JQuery plugins
  • Using event ready handlers that work across browsers
  • Working with JQuery effects, such as showing, hiding, sliding and fading page elements
  • JQuery call back functions
  • Creating custom animations with specialized properties and options
  • JQuery events
  • Understanding Elements Hierarchy
  • Using the JQuery UI plug-in to give pages a polished look
  • Developing JQuery applications and Plugins (like Facebook and Twitter)
  • Making JQuery sliding menus
  • Making JQuery light box
  • Making JQuery image slider
  • Making JQuery image slideshow
  • Making jQuery Image Carousel
  • Making JQuery Image Zoom viewer
  • Making JQuery Collapsible Menu

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